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Simon first started using CAD for jewellery design almost 15 years ago and has experience of many different software packages. During those early years he also experimented with alternative methods of rapid prototyping - the latest technology has seen many improvements in jewellery-specific Computer Aided Design and Manufacture.
Working from either professionally drawn designs, a rough sketch, a design brief in an    e-mail or even a telephone call it is possible to create and manufacture your own, or your customers, design ideas using CAD.
The design is converted into a 3 dimensional model which can be presented for your approval as a picture or animation via e-mail or a printout which can be posted to you.
At this stage the most appropriate method of rapid prototyping is chosen, you may want the piece to be moulded as a master pattern.

When the design is complete it is sent to be cast in the precious metal of your choice and can be posted directly back to you as a "raw" casting or preferably it can be prepared, stone set and finished, in-house to the highest standards.
Most precious stones can be supplied but the process is also ideal if you have an unusually shaped stone requiring a one-off setting.
This is an example of a nanocure resin which has come directly from the rapid prototyping machine and is capable of withstanding the vulcanising process and producing a rubber mould.
The resin has been moulded and a casting produced in 18ct white gold. The finished ring has been set with oval aquamarine and brilliant cut diamonds.