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Simon's expertise lies in designing and producing pieces of the highest quality and
his ability to create original designs working with unusual and fancy cut stones.

Being equally adept at producing master patterns for large-scale manufacturing and
designing one-off commissions he can offer the following services :

w Jewellery Design - Creating unique pieces from customer's designs, sketches or
just ideas. Using customer's stones or supplying them himself.

w CAD Modelling - Turning customer designs into manufacturable CAD files. A
CAD file repair service is also available. For details please click here.

w CAD Rendering & Visualisation - Creating photo-realistic images and
animations of CAD files; usually prior to manufacture of designs.

w Modelmaking - Working from customer's designs to produce larger scale
production pieces.
w Reproduction Jewellery - Replace missing or treasured pieces. For details
please click here.

w Setting - Contemporary styles, stones supplied.

w Hand-carved Waxes